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GatHope N°16 from April 1 to 7, 2024

Issue from 01.04.2024

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In this issue

In this 16th issue of GatHope, our Adherence section analyzes the happiness of populations in light of this year's World Happiness Report (WHR). Population adhesion to its government goes beyond mere satisfaction, reflecting active engagement with public policies and institutions. The WHR reveals that happiness is directly linked to age, highlighting growing inequalities and increasing anxiety among the youth.

Our Paradox section addresses the increasing difficulty in distinguishing authentic information from fake news in a hyperconnected world, emphasizing the need to educate young people to discern the true from the false.

Our sections on country reputations reveal a contrasting picture, with terrorism threats tarnishing internal reputations and a gloomy atmosphere worldwide regarding climate emergencies.

This week's Data Fiction imagines how the amounts allocated to increasing parliamentary fees in France can fund the renewal of youth training structures. Finally, our Electoral Performance section reflects on the rise of the center-right party in Portugal, highlighting the ongoing European political shift.

See you next week!

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